Thanks for all you are doing to make this a great experience for my son….I truly believe he is much happier and in his own element to thrive! 



This program is a great place for athletes such as myself. They are able to work with my crazy travel schedule. They are great with explaining how things work. I feel as if I have improved a lot in my reading.



This program allows my sister and I to have more time to train for crossfit. It is flexible, which works great with our crossfit schedule. I also have several medical appointments so it helps me stay on track and not get behind in my school work. I love this program and all the teachers!



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This program provides me time to volunteer and help the community. It also give me a lot of flexibility so that I can go to my appointments without having to miss lessons and try to catch up. The tutors allow me to focus on the things that I need more help on and I also am able to move faster through things I comprehend easily. It provides you with skills for life and how to work independently. The staff supports you and allows you to take breaks if you are overwhelmed. It is a great environment and I love it! 



I really enjoy attending this school because of the capable and supportive teaching staff. It also has a flexible schedule that fits right in with my crazy tennis schedule. This program allows me to spend more time on the tennis court while still having a fulfilling learning experience.



I came to this school the summer of my 9th grade year to finish my freshmen year. I quickly noticed that I received the help I needed from the teachers here that I wasn't getting from my previous school. My grades improved a lot and I understood what was being taught. I decided to continue the program for my sophomore year and now my grades are better than ever. The people here are very nice and the environment is very calm, and it is easy to focus. My teachers are helpful and will explain the content of my lessons if I do not understand. 



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7104 S Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OK 74133

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