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The Program 

Our strategies are specific to the kinds of challenges students encounter during testing, including tackling the time limits and testing anxiety. We go through each section of the ACT or SAT and teach the strategies to eliminate wrong answers and choose the right ones. 

Free practice ACT/SAT tests

Don't miss a chance to take one of our formal Mock ACT / SAT tests. Two weeks before each national test, we will hold a mock test to ensure that we have covered anything that might go wrong on test day. We will score the test by the student's next scheduled session and review it with them. 

Flexible schedule 

Our ACT & SAT prep programs are taught 2:1 student / teacher ratio so they can be scheduled to fit around your student's busy schedule. We offer different program packages to meet the need of each individual student. 


Call us at 918-209-5741 or click the link below for more information about our pricing and packages! 

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